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First for Business Registrations Solutions

First for Business Registrations Solutions offers company registration services in South Africa, with the focus on assisting new and established business owners in registering new companies, selling Shelf Companies and and other statutory registration that might be needed by Companies. The company was a vision of 2 people striving thereto to take out the frustration for business owners to deal with Government Departments and Regulatory Bodies. The Company was established in 2011 and has grown immensely over the years.

Our head office is located in Pretoria, conveniently situation near to the CIPC offices and all relevant Government Departments. We provide a wide range of services and pride ourselves on fast and efficient service delivery. We are committed to serve as a force with integrity, good sense and fast solutions to the problems businesses and persons are facing when obtaining or starting a Company. We take pride in what we do and that sets us apart from other companies. We are also to assist any person countrywide and is not area-bound.

We understand the need to oversee and assist with all our client’s company related needs. Our streamlined service will ensure that obtaining your Company with the relevant changes will be done fast and accurately although we are sometimes bound by the time constraints from CIPC.

Our unique company structure, consisting of a wide range of Experts, allows us a competitive advantage in that we are able to offer a comprehensive suite of recognition solutions to all companies regardless of size.


Statutory Services

In addition to Company registrations, we provide assistance with ANY statutory regulations a business could possibly encounter. Some of these include:

PAYE Registrations
Tax Clearance Certificate
VAT Registration
Compensation Commissioner
Letter of Good Standing
NCR Registrations

Specials & Fee Structure

Code: #001

Register a NEW Company for only R475
Ts&Cs Apply *New business owners only * limited to 1 per client. Registration completed within 5-10 working days. Includes Income Tax Registration

Code: #002

R625 – Shelf Company
Immediate Company Name & Nr.
COR39 Director Change Included
COR21.1 – Registered Address Change Included
Income Tax Registration Included
1st Share Certificate Included

Code: #007

Only R999
Keep your Dormant Company or Closed Corporation Up-to-Date

Code: #004

FREE Shelf Company
When you select Registration Package 1 or Package 2

Code: #005

Full Business Registration Package 1 R 3050
Includes: PTY Registration, IT, PAYE, Compensation Commission
Excludes: VAT Registration

Code: #006

Full Business Registration Package 2 R 4750
Includes: PTY Registration, IT, PAYE, VAT and Compensation Commissioner

Code: #003

SARS VAT Registrations

Code: #008

Compensation Commissioner 1st time Registration & Letter Of Good Standing

Includes letter of Good Standing

Code: #009

SARS PAYE Registrations


Buy a Shelf Company or Register a new Company

Shelf Company R 625
Private Company Registration 1 – 7 Directors R 475
Shelf Non Profit Company R 1295
Tender Company R 1749
Shelf Tender Company R 2499


Amendments to Companies

Change of name (and principal business) COR15.2 R 349
Year-End changes R 349
Change of Directors -COR 39 R 299
Change of Registered Address R 199
Change of Auditors-COR44 R 199
Change of Year-End R 349
Change of MOI under New Companies Act R 399
Restoration of Deregistered Company R 2499
Drafting of Standard Shareholders Agreement R 999
Conversion from Close Corporation to Private Company without name change R 699
Conversion from Close Corporation to Private Company with name change R 749
Company Register R 399
Name reservation R 129
Share Certificate R 99
Share Transfer R 149
Company/CC Restoration R 2499
Address change-COR21 R 199

Full Business Registration Packages

Package 1

Includes: PTY Registration, IT, PAYE, Compensation Commission
Excludes: VAT Registration
R 3 050


Package 2

Includes: PTY Registration, IT, PAYE, VAT and Compensation Commissioner R 4 750

Amendments to cc’s

Member Change -CK2 R 299
Name Change -CK2 (incl change of members & principal business) R 349
Change of registered address and/or accounting officer R 199
Conversion from CC to Company (name remains the same) R 699
Conversion from CC to Company (name change) R 749
Restoration of Deregistered CC R 2 499

Statutory Services

Income Tax Registration R 171
SARS Tax Clearance Certificate R 549
SARS Tax Clearance Certificates Re-prints R 249
SARS PAYE Registration R 999
SARS VAT Registration R 1 499
SARS Importer / Exporter R 1499
UIF Registrations R 549
Workmans Compensation – 1st time registration and Letter of Goodstanding R 1499
Compensation Commissioner R 1 140
Letter of Good Standing R 549
Submission of yearly Return of Earnings R 249
PAIA Manual R 399
Company Registers R 399
BEE Certificates R 499
BEE Affidavit R 499
BEE Affidavit Re-prints R 249
Certificate of Compliance UIF R 649
Compensation Commissioner Statement of Accounts R 300
Pastel Packages Price on Request
Pastel Payroll Packages Price on Request
Registration of Trusts R 7 500

About Us

FBRS is a Private Company that has been in business for the past 5 years. Specialising in the registrations of businesses and all additional registrations pertaining to a business. FBRS has mastered personalizing our service so that clients are not numbers but real people, with real needs and that requires personalized services. Our main focus is to deliver fast effective professional service. We are set on giving the client the best experience ever as they are excited to start their new business and don’t want them to feel like “what have I got myself into” feeling.

Personal attention is given to customers and our aim is to help client’s set up the whole process of starting a new business or making changes to current businesses. We want you to take the first step of many with us knowing that you have just appointed a partner that will always be there for you and your business, as your business is our business.


Take your first step into your business. Or simply let us help you grow.

We offer services in all the provinces of South Africa.